KOMPEK FEUI 2013 – Motions English Debate Competitions

Environmental Economics :

  1. THBT The Kyoto Protocol has contributed much to the migitation of climate change
  2. THW give the tax break to companies using green technology
  3. THBT economic growth is the solution to climate change


  1. TH regrets liquaidation of BP Migas
  2. THBT Indonesia should require foreign companies to share bigger profit with Indonesian Government
  3. THS raising the minimum wage rate in Indonesia

Financial Institution

  1. THW Bail out failling financial institutions
  2. THBT Government should determine the using of funds given to bail out failling financial institutions
  3. THBT IMF has failed

Economic Crisis

  1. THBT Quantitive Easing III could help solving financial problems
  2. THBT European Stability Mechanism would help Europe through sovereign debt crisis
  3. THBT Greece should be forced out the EU


  1. THBT Indonesia should remove all barriers to foreign direct investment
  2. THBT Free Trade in ASEAN Economic Community brings more harm than good
  3. THBT OJK Brings more harm than good to the economy


  1. THBT Child labor in Africa should be legalized
  2. THS Japan’s quantitative easing expansion
  3. THBT US should seek counterbalance to China dominance in Africa

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